Tokenization: The next evolution in Avocado farming

Tokenization has emerged as a transformative force across various sectors, offering innovative solutions to age-old challenges. From digitizing ownership to revolutionizing supply chains, tokenization has showcased its adaptability and potential in reshaping traditional systems.

Avocados and Climate Change: Is there a direct link?

Avocados have a significant impact on climate change due to the trees’ high capacity to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in biomass or soil. Therefore, it is important to measure and monitor the carbon footprint of different avocado production systems and compare their environmental impacts using life cycle assessment.

Do you know where your Avocados come from?

Traceability in avocados refers to the ability to track and document the movement of the fruits throughout the supply chain, from production all the way to consumption. It involves recording and storing information about the origin, cultivation practices, harvesting, processing, and distribution.

East African Avocados: The Green Gold Rush

The East African Avocado industry is a promising venture for investors looking for a profitable and growing market. The superfruit and its processed products have a high demand worldwide and offer a competitive advantage for the region. However, investing in this sector is not without challenges and risks that require careful planning and execution. Investors…

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