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To increase the production and quality of East African avocados using trace technology

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Our solution simplifies the entire avocado production process, from pre-planting to harvest and beyond. By using Blockchain technology to store, distribute and analyze data from across the value chain, we can effectively reduce management costs and place the focus on cultivating only the finest avocados in the world. Traceability is an integral part of this system, allowing for complete transparency throughout the journey from farm to store. The goal is to make this journey as efficient as possible, resulting in the highest quality of avocados being produced.

One Million Avocados is transforming the avocado industry by providing the tools and support needed to succeed. Our AI farm management platform delivers near real-time insights on the health and growth of the trees, providing stakeholders with the confidence needed to make informed decisions. Through us, you can improve the quality and quantity of harvest, secure premium prices and access fair financing, ensuring a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership. 


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We believe financial stability is at the foundation of any successful farming operation. This is why our platform provide growers with financial features that support them when needed. We contract farmers into cooperatives, offering them the resources and support they need to thrive. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We’re working closely with agronomists, exporters, and other key players in the industry to bring transparency and efficiency to avocado farming.

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We empower farmers with the tools and resources to succeed in the avocado industry. Our platform offers a suite of services, including a powerful farm management tool, financial services, and access to industry experts, enabling you to improve your yields, quality, and income, resulting in greater financial stability and success.


Agronomists who partner with us can promote their products and services directly to farmers via the platform’s technology solution. This saves time, resources, and increases their reach and impact. The platform’s AI-powered tool and financial services provide valuable insights and secure payment for their services.


We provide access to a reliable and diverse supply chain of high-quality avocados. Our platform connects you with trusted farmers and agronomists, providing transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, ensuring quality and consistency.


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We are committed to supporting the avocado industry and the local economy. Our platform offers transparency and traceability, ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical farming practices, and enabling the government to monitor and support growth in the industry.

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We are open to all beneficial partnerships in alignment with our mission of promoting quality East African Avocados through the adoption of precision farming.

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